Accommodations - CJD Bonn Castell

Accommodations are provided in modern non-smoking rooms.

  • 59 single rooms
  • 33 double rooms

equipped with:

  • shower / toilet (some equipped for the disabled)
  • TV / free Wifi
  • free parking on premises


We provide a 24-hour check-in service. If you arrive outside the opening hours of the reception desk you can fetch your key at the check-in box. You will receive a password when you indicate your expected late arrival when making your booking.

Accommodation tax

The City of Bonn introduced a tourist accommodation tax of 5 percent of the gross price of accommodation for all private overnight stays from July 1, 2015. This does not apply to overnight stays that are inevitably connected with professional and commercial activities, freelance work or activities serving schooling or other educational purposes. These must be documented by one of the following:

  • an official accreditation of the overnight guest at a conference, meeting, training or similar event related to his/her profession that takes place in the Bonn region during the period of accommodation
  • the booking of the room through the employer, or the invoice addressed to the employer

Source: City of Bonn, rules for levying accommodation tax


Explanation regarding accommodation due to professional reasons for employees

Explanation regarding accommodation due to professional reasons for manufacturers and